I Just Fall In Love Again   Anne Murray
(C) Power Ballad  65
C                   D9
Dreaminí, I must be dreaminí
   Fmaj7       Dm7             C
Or am I really lyiní here with you
C                 D9
Baby, you take me in your arms
   Fmaj7            D              F 
And though Iím wide awake
I know my dream is cominí true

           Em7 Am7      Fmaj7          G7 
And oh,  I, just fall in love again
C                  Am7             D9    G6 
Just one touch and then it happens every time
           Em7  Am7     Fmaj7         Bm7
And there I go, I, just fall in love again,
and when I do
       C              F                 C
I canít help myself, I fall in love with you     
C              D9  
Magic, it must be magic
   Fmaj7       Dm7                                              C
The way I hold
you and the night just seems to fly
C                        D9
Easy for you to take me to a star
    Fmaj7     D              F              G
Heaven is that moment when I look into your eyes