Money Dollar Bill Roses
Free Craft Project ~ Compliments of Craft At Home

$ bills (the newer the better)
Floral Wire and Tape
Toothpick to help rolling the corners

How to:
These money roses make great gifts, but they also look fabulous when made from homemade paper.  Just use a dollar bill as a template to cut 5 pieces of homemade paper and assemble the same way. 

Lay your bills all face up and curl by rolling a toothpick at the corners.  Roll all four corners of the bill toward the centre of the bill.  The curl is the outside of the rose.  Turn bills over (face down) and fold in half. 

Place a piece of floral wire across and under the fold.  Crimp the fold across and bring your wire under the fold and twist together to form a stem.  Repeat this for all 5 bills.  With your finger, cup each bill and shape to form into a petal.
To create your rose, begin with one bud that has been wired and add another bud going back to back to the first bud, concealing the open sides of the first bud.  Add the next 2 buds in the same manner, covering the open sides of the previous 2 buds.  Twist all of your floral wires together forming a stem and wrap floral tape around the wire, beginning at the rose and working your way down the stem.  You can add a few silk leaves by taping them onto the wire as you work your way down the stem.
This beautiful money rose boquet was created by Tina. She sent an email questioning why her roses didn't appear to be as nice, as the roses on this instruction sheet.

I have received several emails, with the same request and Tina was kind enough to send me a photo of her completed roses that are in fact exactly as they should be.
This photo shows a side view of a completed rose. I hope that Tina's photos will help those of you that are having trouble with this project and a very special thank you to Tina for sharing here photos with us.
And, a very special thank you to Karen for sharing with us her magnificent bouquet!