Which month were you born in?
                                         ...that'll tell you your flower...
*January* - Carnation
*February* - Primrose
*March* - Violet
*April* - Daisy
*May* - Lily of the Valley
*June* - Rose
*July* - Water Lily
*August* - Poppy
*September* - Lavender
*October* - Daffodil
*November* - Chrysanthemum
*December* - Holly

Carnation -- You are strong-willed. On the outside you seem independant and tough, but inside you are vulnerable and soft. You find it hard to trust someone so people often see you as shy. You love to come first and are very competitive.

Primrose -- You are very shy and are quite gullible. But once you make your mind up about something there's no stopping you. You are also affectionate and always worry about things!

Violet -- You like to live life for the moment but have to suffer the consequences. You find it hard to cope with negative things, so you try to hide problems away by pretending to be fine. You are also really intelligent.

Daisy -- People look up to you and you love attention. You can also be REALLY lazy and love nothing better than good old lie-in! You're creative and passionate in everything you do. You can also be gullible.

Lily of the Valley -- You don't realise when you hurt people's feelings but you are also a loving person. You believe in living life to the full and love your family lots. You aren't very forgiving though and you have annoying habits!

Rose -- You like keeping yourself to yourself and change your mind more times than a clean girl changes her panties! You're a very anxious person. You get jealous easily and like having romantic nights in.

Water Lily -- You are a very sunny person and try not to upset people. Sometimes you care about what people think too much. You hide your true feelings and love giving out advice. You are also intelligent.

Poppy -- You have a very fiery temper and don't mind telling people how you feel. You find it hard to say sorry but you try to give everything you have in a relationship. You love keeping everybody happy and are very affectionate.

Lavender -- People can read you like a book and you are very sensitive. Even so, you sometimes forget to think before you speak and hurt people's feelings a lot. You're creative too.

Daffodil -- You try to be successful in everything you do. When you are feeling down, you suffer in silence because you find it hard to express yourself. You are very romantic and are also gullible a lot of the time.

Chrysantheum -- Yoy like to stand out fro the crowd and have a caring nature, especially towards animals. You get jealous easily and are quite bossy. You're clever and love to get your claws into your work and your love life.

Holly -- You can be very jealous and have a slow temper, so when you burst, you can be scary!! You get anxious easily about the smallest of things are are negative a lot. You are affectionate and like showing how you feel.