A Mother's Love

I am raising you, my child,
among the Kansas wheat fields,
With a smile but I feel so lonely and empty inside.
Carrying you on my shoulder brings me warmth,
Under the full moon shining light on the grass,
full of  the autumn dew.

I hear the sounds of my footsteps
echoing in the empty streets.
My shadow is tottering everywhere.
At the age of twenty eight, I witnessed my love betrayed.
Under the dim light, I felt an immensely painful anguish

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter... I sew pieces of my heart.
To form my love beside you, my beloved children.
As time goes by, I look on  the deceitful passion.
Feeling the cold wind in my deserted heart.

Standing in the middle of the night, with bitterness,
I heard the deceitful words of a man who's lost his soul.
From then on every day after dawn,
I've swallowed the bitter pills brought on
One by one with a gulp of water

My life goes on with a chain of exhausting days
I laugh  a crisp laugh of a widow long ago
Oh! My love, after years of swallowing my tears.
I still keep silent
'cause I love my children so'!